GoRail educates community leaders across the country about the public benefits of freight rail investments, mobilizing them in support of an even stronger rail network. We believe every ton of freight moved by rail strengthens the economy, creates jobs, mitigates pollution and saves taxpayers money.

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GoRail’s rail advocates are community leaders from every region of the country who recognize that rail policy decisions made in Washington, D.C. have real impacts back home. Meet them and learn more about the ways freight rail has benefited their communities.

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The U.S. is connected by the best freight rail system in the world. Spanning nearly 140,000 miles, the network safely delivers economic growth, supports job creation, and offers unparalleled environmental benefits like cleaner air and reduced highway gridlock.

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Rail infrastructure needs funding and support

Minneapolis, MN — Anoka County Commissioner Scott Schulte, a member of the Metropolitan Council’s Transportation Advisory Board and president of the Association of Minnesota Counties, writes…


Rail Advocate
Clayton Harris III
Clayton Harris III
Executive Director, Illinois International Port District
Chicago, Illinois

"For the Illinois International Port District, the role of rail is critical. We have rail running directly to the port, along with access to Interstate highways. This makes the Illinois International Port District attractive to companies looking to move goods in and out of Chicago."

Frank Smizik
Frank Smizik
Massachusetts State Representative
Brookline, Massachusetts

“Trains are four times more fuel-efficient than trucks—with the nation’s railroads moving 40% of intercity freight while accounting for less than 1% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.”

Margaret Mahery
Margaret Mahery
Executive Director, Tennessee Municipal League
Nashville, Tennessee

“Rail access was a significant factor when Volkswagen choose Chattanooga as the site for its newest U.S. assembly plant, which ships nine out of 10 cars by rail, and freight rail continues to make Tennessee a transportation powerhouse.”